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What to look for in an Athletic Shoe...

In any kind of shoe, a proper fit is essential. Here, I'll go over how to properly buy tennis shoes. This is sure to be helpful!

First, the fit. Make sure the length is approximately one-quarter inch of length beyond the great toe. Next, width. The width should be measured at the widest portion of the foot. When fitting a shoe, the foot should not feel constricted by the width of the shoe. Also, you need to measure the heel to ball of foot The toe break of the shoe is determined by the ball of the foot at its widest point. When selecting a shoe, flex the forepart of the shoe several times. Then measure from the heel to the center of the bend. It should match the measurement of your heel to the ball of your foot. Lastly, get a snug heel fit. The heel counter of the shoe should fit snugly to prevent excessive rearfoot movement which can cause blistering.