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What is a Diabetic Foot Ulcer?

An ulcer is an open sore or wound commonly found on the bottom of the foot. This occurs in approximately 15% of patients with diabetes. Ulcers may form due to a combination of factors. This includes lack of feeling in the foot, deformities, friction or pressure, etc. Do you have an ulcer? Well, pain is not a common symptom, because many patients who develop ulcers have nerve damage. This means they have lost their ability to feel (Neuropathy). Symptoms you may notice are redness, swelling and an odor may be present. Once an ulcer is noticed, seek a podiatrist! Ulcers should be treated to reduce the risk of infection and/or amputation. Appropriate wound management includes the use of dressings and topically applied medications.

Prevent wounds and ulcers by regularly visiting Feet First Podiatry! Dr. Farrer specializes in diabetic foot care. She can determine if you are at risk and implement strategies for prevention!

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